Na próxima quarta-feira (18), o Software Productivity Group (SPG – receberá a visita da professora Teresa Baldassarre, integrante do Software Engineering Research LABoratory (SERLAB), da Universidade de Bari, Itália ( Na ocasião, ela apresentará um seminário no Auditório do Centro de Informática (CI) da UFPE, a partir das 15h, com o título “Empirical Studies – which to choose, when to adopt and why? An analysis of ten years experience”. O resumo da apresentação segue abaixo:
Context: technology transfer and innovation dissemination are key success factors for an enterprise. The shift to a new software technology determines inevitable changes to ingrained and familiar processes and at the same time leads to changes in practices, requires raining and commitment on behalf of technical staff and management. As so, it cannot leave out neither organizational nor technical factors. 
Objective: our conjecture is that the process of innovation dissemination is facilitated if the new technology is supported by empirical evidence. In this sense, Empirical Software Engineering (ESE) serves as support for transferring an innovation, either it being a process or product, within production processes. 
Method: this talk investigates the relation between empirical studies and technical/organizational factors in order to identify the most suitable empirical study for disseminating an innovation in an enterprise. The analysis has been carried out with respect to empirical studies carried out during a ten year time span within the Software Engineering Research LABoratory (SERLAB), at the University of Bari. 
Results: the results point out that a critical factor in designing empirical studies is the quality model, i.e. measurement program defined by researchers during the study and used to collect relevant information on the effectiveness and efficacy of the innovation being transferred, in order to gain commitment on behalf of stakeholders who will finally adopt the technology. 

Conclusion: the study outcomes provide an empirically founded guideline that can be used when choosing the most appropriate approach for addressing an innovation. 

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