No próximo dia 21, o Vice-Diretor de Pesquisa da University of Calgary, localizada no Canadá, professor Frank Maurer, visitará o Centro de Informática da UFPE (CIn-UFPE) para ministrar uma palestra para alunos e professores do Centro. A palestra será transmitida ao vivo e poderá ser acompanhada através do streaming que vai ser disponibilizado. 
A visita do professor Maurer é uma parceria com o Process Improvement on Software Engineering Group, Grupo PROMISE. A palestra intitulada "The joys and challenges of research projects with industry partners" começará às 10h, no Auditório do Centro de Informática da UFPE .
Abaixo seguem informações sobre a palestra e o professor Frank Maurer:
Palestra: "The joys and challenges of research projects with industry partners"  
Abstract: In the new millennium, university research is facing a broad a set of challenges. While societies are getting more and more educated due to the move to knowledge based economies, higher  education is becoming more and more costly for students and/or government. The traditional gold standard of blue sky research for the betterment of humankind is challenged by governments across the world that want to see a return on investment in form of innovation, jobs and solutions to societal problems. As a result, an increasing number of funding programs across the world are encouraging collaboration between university researchers and industry. The hope is the inventions in the lab would be leading to innovation outside of it. Problem-driven research impacts methodologies, expectations as well as outcomes. Having worked on industry collaborations for nearly 20 years at the University of Calgary, I will discuss lessons learned as well as pitfalls of working with partner organizations. Research conducted in our lab spans a variety of topics, from test-driven development over agile planning to, more recently, multi-surface systems.  
Prof. Frank Maurer.
Maurer received his Diplom (German Undergrad Degree) in 1989 and Doctorate (Dr. rer. Nat.) in Computer Science from the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany in 1989. After eight years working as a Researcher at the University of Kaiserslautern, Maurer joined the Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary in 1997. During his tenure he has held the roles of Associate Professor (1997-2003), Full Professor (2003-present), Software Engineering Director (2001-2004), Associate Head of Research and Planning (2004-2008), Acting Department Head (2008-2009), and Graduate Director (2010-2011).

Maurer’s research interests are agile software methodologies, application engineering for digital surfaces and big data analytics. Maurer is the Principle Investigator of the NSERC SurfNet Strategic Network (Digital Surface Software Application Network) and has received seven NSERC Engage grants for his work covering a broad spectrum of application areas including multi-surface systems for retail spaces and emergency control centres. He is head of the Agile Surface Engineering Group at the University of Calgary and founding member of the Calgary Agile Methods User Group. 

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