O Centro de Informática (CIn) da UFPE recebe, pela segunda vez, a professora Dr. Anu Gokhale, docente e coordenadora do programa de Computer Systems Technology da Universidade de Illinois, para ministrar a palestra “Data Mining Algorithms: Applications in STEM Education”. O evento será realizado no Anfiteatro do CIn-UFPE, localizado no térreo do Bloco A, no dia 4 de novembro, às 17h. Essa palestra foi inserida no ciclo de seminários da pós-graduação do Centro, que terá metade da lotação do Anfiteatro reservada. As outras 50 vagas serão abertas a interessados da comunidade acadêmica da UFPE e de outras instituições de ensino da região.

Recentemente, a professora Anu Gokhale participou da primeira edição do Café Didático, encontro organizado pelo professor do CIn-UFPE Alex Sandro Gomes, em que houve uma discussão sobre o ensino de STEM nas Américas. Essa segunda palestra apresentará uma abordagem mais técnica da temática.
Título: Data Mining Algorithms: Applications in STEM Education
Resumo: The volume of data generated today is unfathomable. The term “big data” is no longer for the elite researchers but all of us will be using and analyzing it in our everyday work and extracting ‘knowledge’ for further use. Data mining has applications in diverse fields like business, science & engineering, medicine and social sciences. It is critical that we arm ourselves with the various algorithms that are used for ‘knowledge discovery in databases’ which in effect, is data mining. For over a decade, my scholarly work has been in the field of STEM+C (science, technology, engineering, mathematics plus computing) education funded by prominent federal agencies like the National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Education. My talk will discuss data mining algorithms and methodologies that have been used and the results of our studies. We will conclude with a conversation about opportunities for collaboration.

Mais sobre a palestrante: Dr. Anu A. Gokhale has completed twenty-five years of university teaching and is currently a professor and coordinator of the computer systems technology program at Illinois State University. She is named Fulbright FACEPE Distinguished Chair in STEM, Brazil, 2016-17; is a Fulbright Specialist; and was a Fulbright Scholar to India in 2002. Dr. Gokhale was honored with the 2011 University Outstanding Researcher Award. Originally from India, she has a master’s in physics‒electronics from the College of William & Mary, and a doctorate from Iowa State University. She presents and publishes her peer-reviewed research, and pursues multi-year projects funded by agencies like the US Department of Education, US Department of State, and National Science Foundation. The current NSF funded project is in Computing Education for the 21st Century. Dr. Gokhale authored a second edition of her book Introduction to Telecommunications, which also has an international edition in Chinese. She continues to be an invited keynote speaker at various conferences and consults for businesses. She is an active volunteer in IEEE where her service was honored with the IEEE Third Millennium Medal.    

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