Na sexta-feira (2) o Centro de Informática (CIn ) da UFPE recebe a visita do Professor João Araújo, destacado pesquisador na área de Engenharia de Software, da Universidade Nova de Lisboa – UNL, em Portugal. Na ocasião da visita, o professor ministrará uma palestra sob o título “Evaluating and Creatively Building KAOS Goal Models”. A apresentação será no Anfiteatro do CIn, às 10h.
Title: Evaluating and Creatively Building  KAOS Goal Models
Abstract. The KAOS framework is considered an efficient technique to elicit  unambiguous and relevant requirements. Nevertheless, for large scale systems the goal models can grow complex and difficult to get it complete. Here we show an approach to evaluate complexity and completeness of KAOS goal models. Also, we will show an approach to facilitate  the construction of KAOS models by using mind maps (more easily understood by stakeholders) and model-driven techniques. 

João Araújo holds a Phd at Lancaster University and is an assistant professor at the Department of Informatics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. His principal research interests are in requirements engineering, model-driven engineering and software product lines. He was a co-founder of the MoDRE and Early Aspects workshops and participated and coordinated several research projects on those topics. He has been a Program Board for RE and RCIS and PC member of several international conferences. 

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