O Anfiteatro do CIn-UFPE será espaço para a palestra “A Programming Model for Sustainable Software”, ministrada pelo professor Yu David Liu, da State University of New York at Binghamton. O evento será realizado no dia 19 de setembro, às 10h, e tem como objetivo apresentar a linguagem de programação Eco, que possui um modelo para gestão de temperatura e consumo de energia. A palestra é aberta ao público interessado no tema, e para participar, não é preciso inscrição prévia.

O resumo da palestra pode ser conferido abaixo:
A Programming Model for Sustainable Software
This talk presents Eco, an energy-aware and temperature-aware programming language with first-class support for sustainability. An Eco program may adaptively adjusts its own behaviors to stay on a given energy or temperature budget, avoiding both deficit that would lead to battery drain or CPU overheating, and surplus that could have been used to improve the quality of results. Sustainability management in Eco is captured as a form of supply and demand matching, and the language runtime consistently maintains the equilibrium between supply and demand. Among the efforts of energy-adaptive and temperature-adaptive systems, Eco is distinctive in its role in bridging the programmer and the underlying system, and in particular, bringing both programmer knowledge and application-specific traits into energy optimization. Through a number of intuitive programming abstractions, Eco reduces challenging issues in this domain — such as workload characterization and decision making in adaptation — to simple programming tasks, ultimately offering fine-grained, programmable, and declarative sustainability to energy-efficient computing. Eco is an minimal extension to Java, and has been implemented as an open-source compiler.

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