O Professor Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi da  Technische Universität Darmstadt (Alemanha) fará uma visita ao Centro de Informática (CIn) da UFPE no dia 22 de agosto (quarta-feira) e ministrará a   palestra "Smart and Secure? On the Security and Privacy of Smartphones", às 14h no Anfiteatro do CIn.

O evento faz parte do Desafio Positivo, que também será apresentado na ocasião, e é uma cooperação entre professores da Universidade de Brasília com a empresa Positivo, com o objetivo de alunos submeterem ideias de aplicações para a plataforma Android.
Resumo da palestra:
Smartphones (and tablets) have become an integral part of our daily life. They exist in a variety of designs and sizes and are increasingly replacing other common devices such as laptops. Probably the most distinguishing success factors of smart devices are the powerful sensors (e.g., GPS or accelerometer), the possibility to easily customize end-user devices with hundreds of thousands of “apps’ available on app stores and markets, and the (almost) permanent connectivity to cloud-based services. Not surprisingly, they also become appealing for other areas of our life such enabling a comfortable “work-on-the-go’.  The vast number of features and apps and the popularity is also very appealing to attackers, giving rise to various security and privacy concerns because more and more security and privacy critical information are processed or stored on these devices.

This talk reflects, in a nutshell, my experience with the evolution of mobile devices and services and their security and privacy aspects in various academic, industrial and governmental projects. Interestingly, smartphone systems offer more opportunities for reaching higher security standards than it was the case with commodity PC platforms. This is because they provide well-defined APIs, clear development processes and kits for Application Developers as well as basic, yet coarse-grained security framework.

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