A segunda aula do semestre 2012.2 da disciplina Seminário acontecerá no dia 04 de outubro, a partir das 17h no Anfiteatro do CIn. As faltas não justificadas já serão contabilizadas. A entrada é gratuita e qualquer solicitação relativa aos Seminários deverá ser encaminhada à Sec-Pós (Lilian, Nanci e Socorro) nos  ramais: 4026, 4061 ou 4003 ou através do e-mail posgraduacao@cin.ufpe.br.
Quem conduzirá o evento é a professora associada de Sistemas da Informação da University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), Carolyn Seaman, com a palestra "Measuring and Monitoring Technical Debt".
Confira o resumo da palestra:

The “technical debt” metaphor characterizes the relationship between the short-term benefits of delaying certain software maintenance tasks and the long-term cost of those delays. This metaphor frames the problem of delayed maintenance tasks as a type of “debt,” which brings a short-term benefit (usually in terms of higher productivity or shorter release time) but which might have to be paid back, with “interest,” later.  The “principal” on the debt is the amount of effort required to “pay off” the debt (i.e. complete the task), while the “interest” is the potential penalty (in terms of increased effort and decreased productivity) that will have to be paid in the future as a result of not completing these tasks in the present. In addition to being an intuitively appealing and helpful metaphor, the term “technical debt” inspires new ways of addressing and studying classic software maintenance problems. This talk will discuss the important research questions in this area, ongoing and planned studies to address these questions, and the current state of technical debt management in the software industry.

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